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Course History

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You may wish to try out a couple of free shorter courses if it is your first time out. In Bowmanville there is a course at Soper Creek.  Click here for a map of that course.

This is an 18-hole course set on a private golf course and has both a summer course and a longer winter layout. The summer course is a little shorter in length as the owner has requested that we minimize the impact to his core business of regular golf by staying off the fairways and away from the greens.


On the summer course you can expect wooded fairways, water hazards and lots of elevation change.


In the winter, once the ball golf is over for the season, we utilize more of the ball golf fairways to increase the length of some of the holes and offer a different experience.


Players should be aware that every attempt to create a safe course  has been made, however, there is still the possibility of being hit by a golf ball (as there is when you play regular golf). Players should take note of where the ball golf fairways are and try to avoid lingering in areas where a slice or hook could end up. If you are waiting to take your next shot try to have a tree at your back. When moving from hole to hole if you need to enter the ball golf course please time your movement to follow the ball golfers. If your disc accidentally goes on a fairway or green please pick up your disc and move back to where it first crossed onto the ball course. And please remember, in all cases ball golf players should be given the right or way. If at any time there is an incident with ball golfers please send us a note to explain what happened.

So whether it is summer or winter we ensure that the course will provide an extremely enjoyable round for any skill of player.

The course layouts were designed by Kevin MacLeod, Chris Beatty and Tanya Ramsay. Construction began in March and was carried out by family and friends.

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