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Golf Etiquette


  1. Obey all golf course rules.

  2. Respect all players, property and rules

  3. Groups must be no larger than 5 players.

  4. Be respectful when players are throwing. (no talking, etc)

  5. Be respectful of ball golfers (Avoid yelling or loud cheers as much as possible to avoid distracting ball golfers).

  6. Keep up the pace. When it is your turn you have 30 seconds to throw.

  7. Honours: The players should throw in order of lowest score on the previous hole.

  8. On all subsequent throws, the players farthest from the basket should throw first. Stay behind the player who is throwing until the throw is complete. Do not walk in front of a player’s throwing line when they are preparing to throw. 

  9. All players should watch players throw and help find discs for a maximum of 3 minutes if other groups are waiting behind. 

  10. Remove your disc from the basket before other players shoot. (sometimes discs can bounce out of the basic after contact with a disc in the basket)

  11. Let faster players/groups play through. (ie: a group of 2 behind your foursome).

  12. If the group in front of you is moving slowly, then respectively ask to play through. Don’t skip ahead of other players without their permission.

  13. Only throw when it is safe to do so. A 1% chance of hitting someone is too much. If a disc is accidentally headed towards someone yell “fore”!

  14. Don’t damage or remove trees or branches (to do so is a penalty)

  15. Pack in, Pack out (don’t litter)

  16. Return lost discs (always put your name and phone number on your discs

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