How it works

A membership entitles you to unlimited play any weekday for the calendar year.

  • No need to book if you're joining friends with a tee time

  • Weekend bookings: Sign up within 2 hours of their tee time based on availability

  • ​Memberships include all eligible league play, however, members must pay their fair share to cover the costs of getting prizes.

Membership Fees


Early Bird Special:

If purchased in January the cost is $9/week. So if you buy it in the first week it is $468. 


Regular Price:

If  purchased anytime throughout the year, other than January, then the cost will be $10/week and you must pay for the remainder of the year. So if there are 30 weeks left then you must pay $300. Unfortunately, there is no paying for bits and pieces of  the year. 

How to get a membership


To purchase a membership please send an email to to find out your fee.

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